Hunting Revolver / Ranger Sequoia
Hunting Revolver / Ranger Sequoia

The Hunting Revolver and Ranger Sequoia from Fallout: New Vegas, recreated and expanded upon for the Fallout 4: New Vegas project. In addition to modelling and texturing I have also created all of the necessary animations for the weapon ingame.

The engravings on the Sequoia are actually another mesh layered over the base mesh with an alpha texture (so that I could apply a differently tinted cubemap ingame). The grip on the Sequoia has the bear and star separated so that they can also have different materials applied.

(The hands/arms mesh in the gif animations are from Fallout 4 and are property of Bethesda Game Studios)

Hunting Revolver and Speedloader: 7,658 tris
+ Octagonal barrel/Ivory grip/Reflex: 9,437 tris
+ Fluted Barrel/Muzzle brake/Long Scope/Comfort Grip: 12,317 tris
+ Rail/Mahogany grip: 8,856 tris
+ Suppressor/Guttersnipe sight: 8,628 tris
Ranger Sequoia: 11,566 tris

Texture maps
Receiver: 2K
All other mods: 1K each (long scope and rail have a shared 1K)

More artwork
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