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M2045 .300 Magnum Revolver Rifle - Fallout 4 mod

4K map, 12,532 tris - base gun (receiver, wooden stock)
4K map, 5,925 tris - mods (synthetic stock, long scope, reflex sight, round and chamfered suppressors)
2K map, 4,930 tris - medium scope

A mod for Fallout 4, based on concept art by Caleb Cleveland;

Available on PC:
And Xbox One:

As of 12/11/2016
2 million+ total views
130,000+ total downloads

Released on August 8th.
After 7 days:
426,928 views total
43,707 downloads total
363 endorsements on the nexus
698 ratings - 5 star on

Made the front page of reddit's r/gaming thanks to Caleb (the concept artist) posting a thread about it:

M2045 Magnum Revolver Rifle Update 1.3

Adam ridsdale 1
Adam ridsdale 1 and a half
Adam ridsdale 2
Adam ridsdale 3
Adam ridsdale 3

Available modifications

Adam ridsdale 5

synthetic stock, reflex sight, round suppressor, chamfered suppressor

Adam ridsdale 6

long scope

Adam ridsdale 7
Adam ridsdale now a mod